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Wearable Art designed with love in Australia

You're here because you're on a mission - to flaunt some seriously FUN artwork while you workout or go out!
I'd love to share my story with you... 
In 2014, I decided to put my drawings and love for fitness together into Wearable Art. Soon, the idea became an athletic wear label that's fun, larger than life, with uniquely striking designs and artwork. 
While there is a huge offering in the industry, there was a lack of quality athletic fashion with an artistic edge created on durable luxe fabrics for heavy duty sports and comfortable for casual wear. 
Lady Bold's artwork is an outlet of self-expression with its outstanding eccentricity and uniqueness. 
The boutique designs are exclusively limited, made in small runs to make you one of the very few to stand out in the crowd.

As there are less than 40 pieces for each design, every one is a unique and original work of art that cannot be found elsewhere.

DESIGNING & MANUFACTURING (0 - four months): 
Every design is a story of my inspiration - each pattern, drawing and colour has been created and positioned in its exact place for a purpose. There is a great amount of detail in the design process as the artwork alone takes an average of three to five weeks to reach perfection.The first three to four months was dedicated to the complexity of the designs and researching for the right workmanship and quality.The materials sourced had to be durable enough for the highest intensity exercises including water sports, but comfortable and absolutely stunning to wear to go out. Every design has been created from a blank canvas and the process is akin to growing and nurturing a baby. 

SAMPLING & PRODUCTION: (four to eight months) 
I appointed my friend who's a boutique manufacturer to structure the clothing. We created various samples that were tried and tested on sustainable materials - recycled plastic bottles and containers. This was a move to give back to the environment and let once used goods have a chance to be revived again, just more stylishly!

There were many other challenges during the process of building this business. Not many choose to draw or personally design clothing, especially when it comes to fitness apparel because it involves highly detailed work. I wanted to do it as I believe that it offers a unique proposition and a beautiful addition to your wardrobe! 

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Workout with ART-Titude!








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