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Quality & Design
Premium Fabrics, Exclusive Artwork

Trademarked Fabric Blends 


The High Performance blend of LBoost™ High Tech Fabric was developed after several months of research. It is only exclusive to Lady Bold where you'll not only be wearing a unique work of art, but fabrics that seamlessly moves with you while working out. Some of the fabrics are made from recycled polyester (pre-loved clothing and cloths) and sustainable bamboo fibre. You can wear the apparel for all types fitness activities including water sports and comfortable for your days off.  

Stitching and Features


All Lady Bold's Athletic Tights feature double reinforced flat lock or seamless lines from the inside toprevent chaffing. The external areas are made with tripl threading to ensure the flat-lock seams stay put while you move and stretch.
Every pair is made with a strong gusset lining to enable maximum freedom of movement and is anti-camel toe. 
They have either a back-waistband zip pocket or inside pocket. Unlike typical labels that are sewn on at the back and may irritate the skin, our labels are printed at the back of the waistband for a smooth finish.

Artwork and Printing 


The designs are either hand drawn or hand crafted using digitising software - a process that takes up to three months. It include: 

  • Hand drawing and conceptualising: Drawing using pencils to pens followed by felt-tip or paint for colour. Our designs are created from a blank canvas and not from templates or pre-produced prints.

  • Digitising and E-Fabric: Pictures are then re-created onto the E-Fabric cuts which is the fabric of the apparel prior to being sewn together to make one garment.


  • Printing: Digital sublimation prints are used so that the colours are strongly bonded with the fabric fibre and stays "fixed". At the same time, it enhances and brings out the vibrancy. The colours don't fade providing that they are cared for according to the instructions. 

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