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Mask name: "Maskdala".
If the Mandala design had a child with a mask, this would be their offspring. Seriously.
Who doesn't love Mandalas and one that's so beautiful and colourful on your mask?  

It’s a tough time for everyone and it doesn't make it any easier that many of us have to cover at least half our faces when we go out. So why just resign to any old mask when you can wear a stylish designer LB Mask that’s comfortable, reusable and could even make you look forward to masking up?

Environmentally friendly with functionable features to make even the toughest mask critique say “Wow!”, you’ll not only be safe in the featured double layer (optional third layer with the filter), but you’ll stop traffic with these vibrant hand-drawn designs!


100% COTTON INNER - Light weight and breathable inner cotton for ultimate comfort and breathability. 


ANTI-BACTERIAL & ANTI-GERMS WITH THREE LAYERS (THIRD LAYER OPTIONAL)- The W.H.O recommends that three layer masks are the most efficient and safest to prevent bacteria from penetrating through the mask - The LB Face Mask checks this box! 


TWO 2 PM layer carbon filters (2.5 inches) included that you can insert in between the mask pocket (most other brands sell this separately). 
PM in PM2.5 is for particule pollution which is small airborne solid particles/ liquid droplets at 2.5 microns. The filter is designed to capture these particles before they come in contact with you. It's important to know that the PM25 particles can be inhaled into the lungs and cause long-term damaging effects. The filters will not be able to filter out particles smaller than 2.5 microns.  

WASHABLE & REUSABLE (Up to 40 times) - Colours won’t run (gentle hand wash) + One for the environment, too! 


ADJUSTABLE EAR LOOPS - The ear loops are adjustable for a looser or tiger (snug) fit suited for different face shapes. The loops being adjustable also prevents ear chafing.


3D DESIGN - Matches all face shapes with intricate pop hand drawn 3D designs.


DIMENSIONS: 188mm wide. Weight: 16g. 

Designer Reusable Mask - "Maskdala"

AU$19 Regular Price
AU$17Sale Price
  • Standard Shipping within Australia includes tracking and usually takes 4-7 business days. Express shipping within Australia takes 1-2 business days. Due to Covid19, deliveries via Australia Post may be slightly delayed by an extra 3-5 business days. 

    Unfortunately, we cannot accept returns of masks due to hygiene reasons, so please be sure of the product before your purchase. 
    Please note that colours and shapes of the masks may vary slightly due to different screen resolutions and when (purchased) then worn on your unique face shape. 

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