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Being BOLD at the Mind Body Spirit Festival, Melbourne!

Wow what an incredible high energy of four days we had at the bi-annual Mind Body Spirit Festival! We couldn't thank our supporters enough who made the event so amazing and the job of the wonderful organisers. We were pleasantly surprised to have met many people who said they've seen others wearing our designs that stood out and they waited for the festival to come see us! The expo was held from June 10-13 at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre and we almost sold out on your favourite MagniFLY design in athletic tights. Don't worry, we will be getting more and you can put your pre-order in our Shop. Thank you again for your awesome support and we'll see you soon at our next market, Little Sparrow - Federation Square on July 10th. Sharing with you lots of BOLDness and some snapshots from the day.

Samantha from the Yoga Refinery strikes a pose!

Samantha from Yoga Refinery strikes a pose!

Featured in the MBS Festival Guide!

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